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Living in a multicultural Europe without losing our own identity, prof. Paula Dascălu



Proiect Comenius



Cehia - Italia - Turcia

- România -

Luxembourg - Grecia - Germania

proiect ownid


"Living in a multicultural Europe without losing our own identity"

coordonator prof. Paula Dascălu

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Site Comenius

The school participates in a multilateral project by Comenius, entitled «Living in a multicultural Europe without losing our own identity», which is part of the "Lifelong Learning" and financially supported by the European Union. The partners in the project are Greece, Romania, Germany, Luxembourg, Italy, Czech Republic, Turkey and the duration of the program is two years (2012 - 2014).

The partners of this project will aim to exploit cultural traditions of each participating country. The program will contribute to the development of communication skills of the team members in English, it also aims to improve the ICT skills of them and finally to strengthen the recognition and respect of the common European values. All partners will demonstrate (through specific activities) whatever is representative of their country, in the fields of literature, music, sport, dance, painting, theater, religion. The program can help improve the quality of education through curricular and extracurricular activities. The first project meeting was held between 14 to 19 October at the High School George Tutoveanu Barlad in Romania (Scoala Gimnazialã "George Tutoveanu" din Bârlad). Fifteen teachers from partners’ schools and eight students from Germany, Czech Republic and Turkey participated in this meeting.




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